Our Staff

The CEO for Reaching Out East is Elizabeth Blewett. Elizabeth was a solicitor before moving into the 3rd sector  and has managed the Reaching Out Project since 2005 and Reaching Out East since 2013. Elizabeth is  a trained Psycho-dynamic counsellor with a particular interest in mental wellbeing.

Jas Johal has been with the Direct Payments Team since 2011 and is  our Personalisation manager. Jas manages the Direct Payments, Personal Health Budgets and Fund holding teams.

Reaching Out Project – reachingout@reachingouteast.org.uk
Elizabeth Blewett
Teresa Moore
Student Social Workers and volunteers

Direct Payments – directpayments@reachingouteast.org.uk
Jas Johal
Michelle Daley
Graham Broomfield
Julie Cuffy
Kwabena Gyedu
Jackie Evans

Fund Holding – fundholding@reachingouteast.org.uk
Graham Broomfield
Martyn Williams

Our staff are a mixture of full and part time.