Reaching Out East – Fund Holding Newsletter – April – Sept 2016
We are in the first quarter of the new financial year. This means several things to our clients, those who employ staff directly and those that use agencies.

For those that employ staff directly the new financial year means several thing:

Your PA / employee annual holiday allocation restarts from 5th April 2016. Your PA / employee is entitled to 5.6 (or pro rata) statutory weeks a year holiday. This can also include bank holidays but you may offer this as an extra benefit.

There have also been some changes in recent years in that PA / employees can no longer ‘buy’ there holiday allocation by working for 52 weeks and getting additional pay for their unused holiday. Every employee is entitled to take holiday and they can no longer ‘buy’ their holiday back at the end of the year. If your PA/employee does not take their holiday entitlement within the financial year, they will lose it. Therefore it will be your responsibility to encourage your PAs to take their holiday entitlement. If you need to discuss how to rota staff holidays please contact our DP Team.

The monthly competition of timesheets is now a mandatory requirement. This is a record of the hours a PA/employee has worked for you. It should be checked by you the employer, before you sign return the timesheets to the appropriate payroll company. You will also need to record holidays on the timesheets.

Payroll has moved to a monthly cycle. This is to ensure that costs for running the payroll is affordable to our clients. There is a cost, to you the employer, every time the payroll is run. Please ensure timesheets are completed and returned to the payroll company in time to prevent delay in your PA receiving their salary.

Workplace Pensions
The government initiate of Workplace pensions has also started to occur for our direct employers. Do not panic if you receive a letter from HMRC about workplace pensions. You’ll need to send the letter onto your payroll company as they will be able to help you to deal with setting up the pension scheme for your PA’s / employees.

Employer Liability Insurance
As an employer, it is a legal obligation that you have employer liability insurance in place. If you are unsure of your need for this, please call us and we will be happy to advise as appropriate. This only matters if you employ staff directly. This is not needed for day opportunities, agency workers or other support services, not directly employed by you.

If you use an Agency
If you use direct payments to pay for an agency to meet your assessed needs, it is not your responsibility to arrange holidays, workplace pension or payroll issues. If any of these questions arise then ask the agency worker to refer back to their employer (the agency) to answer such questions.

If you have any questions about any of the above please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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Tel: 020 8519 6369 (opt 3)